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Proizvodnja plute

proizvodnja plute

Recognizing the environmental problems in this sector, VentilAQUA invested in the R&D of new treatment solutions for the resulting waters from cork, and or, cooking cork boards washing processes, being able to propose solutions to each of these scenarios individually or for situations where the two processes exist in the same plant.

Knowing the scientific foundation of the difficulties in treating these waters, resulting fundamentally from the existence of polyphenolic compounds, natural protectors of organic matter, VentilAQUA  developed a chemical treatment solution by modified Fenton Process, for the oxidation of polyphenolic chains and it´s break with the elimination of hydrogen peroxide excess that results  from this industry´s own manufacturing proces, to complement, in some cases, with discontinuous biological processes, to ensure full waste water purification, with eventual recovery of those waters. best odds.

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