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Barve in laki

barve in laki

In the paints and varnishes industry, knowing in detail the chemical and physical issues involved in the contamination of wastewater treatment solutions, we develop treatment solutions, with possible entrance work of physical filtration, in companies with large loads of solids upstream or presence of finishing pastes, that guarantee the total water treatment, allowing its discharge in water lines or sewers.

Generally being effluents with an high solids loading, they present the great difficulty of managing the large relative amount of sludge produced by the treatments, and the  VentilAqua effective and tailored solutions, of technology and its own manufacturing , for the dewatering of these sludges, from the filtrating bag systems, pressurized or by gravity, through the press filters (manual, semi-automatic or automatic) and band filters, applicable in large productions. The chemical/ physical treatment solutions implanted are usually relatively simple operation, since these waters don´t have great chemical complexity for treatment, allowing low operating costs. The quality and efficiency of VentilAQUA’s achievements allows to present today a wide range of clients in this sector, with a particular focus in Spain. best odds.

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